Yassin's Inspiring Journey of Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Employment Success


Yassin, now 20-year-old with a supportive family of twelve members, including his parents and siblings, resides in Jalazone refugee camp, amidst favorable socio-economic conditions. Despite facing challenges posed by a moderate intellectual disability and Down syndrome, Yassin's journey is marked by resilience and determination. 
Beginning his educational path in a government school for two years, Yassin later transitioned to SMRC school where he was a student for 8 years. Yassin underwent comprehensive training in cognitive, educational, and motor skills until the age of 14. Following this, he participated in a two-year pre-vocational training program, tailored to his abilities, encompassing various fields such as agriculture, soap-making, assembly of electric outlets, car washing, household management, and cooking.
Yassin encountered challenges along the way, including instances of bullying, violence, and mistreatment. Through targeted interventions and training, he successfully overcame these obstacles, exhibiting increased compliance and harmony within the program.
Recognizing Yassin's interests and aspirations, particularly in household management and cooking, efforts were made to nurture his talents. He became an integral part of the kitchen training, assisting with tasks such as table cleaning, dish washing and coffee preparation, which he found fulfilling. Additionally, he contributed to his brother's small coffee stand, serving drivers in one of the parking lots. 
Continuing his journey of self-improvement, Yassin recently embarked on a housekeeping course at the Arab Episcopal Center in Ramallah, sponsored by the World Lutheran Federation. Excelling in a 12-session training, he impressed evaluators with his hard work. 
As a result of his hard work the possibility of employment at the Arab Episcopal Center was proposed. Since March of this year, Yassin has been proudly employed there, contributing to the guesthouse and center facilities. His story is a testament to perseverance, support, and the realization of one's aspirations despite challenges.