Mohammad's Journey of Growth and Achievement


Mohammad is an 8-year-old child with a moderate intellectual disability residing in Beit Reema Village. He lives with his family, including his parents and two brothers. While Mohammad faced difficulties at the beginning of his journey, he proved that with dedication and support, anything is possible.

In February 2022, Mohammad joined the School Program at SMRC, where he encountered challenges related to hyperactivity and unfavorable behavior, such as screaming and aggression toward others. He struggled to connect with his peers and was reluctant to participate in any activities. Additionally, his daily life skills, social interactions, academics, and language development were challenging.

However, the School Team recognized Mohammad's potential and developed a detailed and personalized individual plan to guide him toward positive change and growth. They set out on a journey to enhance Mohammad's behavior and to develop his daily life skills, cognitive abilities, academics, social interactions, and language proficiency.

The School Team provided Mohammad with intensive rehabilitation sessions. He transformed into an attentive and engaged student, actively listening and taking the initiative in various tasks. Simple instructions were no longer a challenge for him, and he even mastered a 50-piece puzzle.
The most remarkable progress came in his speech skills. Mohammad's ability to communicate improved significantly, enabling him to interact with his classmates and teachers effortlessly. He became not only approachable but also eager to assist his peers. Moreover, his fine motor skills developed remarkably, allowing him to hold a pen and use scissors with precision.
Academically, Mohammad now confidently counts from 1 to 10, writes numbers, and copies words accurately. He even demonstrated his grasp of more complex concepts, such as days of the week, seasons, and other abstract ideas.
Beyond academics, Mohammad's growth extended to daily life skills, where he became increasingly independent and self-reliant. 
The School Team has a continued plan to further develop his self-care and academic abilities in the upcoming reporting period. With the same dedication and support that led him this far, Mohammad's journey toward success continues.