Community Mobilization Program

A class on awareness of the right to protection for persons with intellectual disabilities

The Programme aims to raise the awareness of PwIDs, family members, and local councils and schools on disability rights- particularly the right to quality education and protection. It aims also to develop the capacity of community institutions and facilitate the process of inclusion of PwDs in a safe environment in the local community.  This Program is funded by the Danish Civil Society in Development Mission (CISU), Denmark, and the Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) in Germany.
The Programme helps the stakeholders take an active role in supporting the inclusion of PwIDs in the local communities.  These stakeholders are the ministries of Education, Social Welfare, Health, and Local Government, in addition to civil society institutions that provide care and rehabilitation to PwIDs and their families. 

One of the school children without a disability says “We used to fear persons with disabilities but when we learned about them through participating in inclusive activities, we became their supporters and advocates”