Vocational Training Program

Persons with intellectual disabilities learning farming skills

It aims to enable PwIDs to access their right to vocational training and employment in the Palestinian labor market. It provides educational, rehabilitation, vocational training, and employment services to PwIDs from the age of 14 to 40 years old.  It helps the PwIDs to become independent, self-reliant, included in their local communities, and to live in dignity. PwIDs are trained in vocational skills that include farming, food production, packaging, olive soap and candle production, embroidery, sewing, housekeeping, and hospitality. It also raises the awareness of family members of PwIDs on disability rights and how to work with their children; as well as the awareness of local councils, vocational training centers, and employers on disability rights especially the right of PwIDs to vocational training and employment. The capacity of this Program is 40 PwIDs. This Program is implemented through a project titled “Persons with Intellectual Disabilities have the Right to Rehabilitation, Training and Employment to Live in Dignity in the Ramallah and Al-Bireh District – Palestine”, funded by the Waldensian Church, in Italy, and the Worldwide Moravian Church in Germany.