Community Mobilization Program

Signing memoranda of understanding with the chairmen of 6 local councils in the Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate

1. Aims to raise awareness and mainstream disability rights within local councils and communities. 
2. Targets school principals, teachers, and education advisors, aiming to heighten awareness of disability rights, particularly the right to education and protection. Additionally, it seeks to build the capacity of community institutions to incorporate disability rights into their strategies, programs, and activities. Collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Development is crucial to facilitate the safe inclusion of PwDs within the local community. The implementation of this program was made possible through the project "Inclusion of People with Intellectual Disabilities in Palestinian Schools," funded by the Danish Civil Society in Development (CISU).
3. Fostering inclusive communities through good citizenship: The aim of this project is to create a generation with the qualities of good citizenship including responsibility, respect, honesty, compassion, and courage. These good citizens will be responsible for their communities, neighbors, the environment, animals, and plants, ensuring that nobody is excluded. This Program is funded by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ). 
4. Youth Environmental and Development Hub (YED): Through specialized training, community initiatives, and advocacy efforts, the hub, founded in January 2024, aims to cultivate a generation of socially conscious and empowered youth. This initiative challenges stereotypes and drives positive change towards a more environmentally conscious Palestinian society. It is important to note that another project, titled 'Pioneers for Environmental Justice,' was recently approved. This project aims to promote the concepts of environmental justice and raise awareness among the new generation about the importance of the environment. It seeks to create change agents in the Palestinian refugee camps who will collaborate with their peers and families to raise awareness of environmental issues and harmful practices.